AboutJade Yumang

The prime source for this series is an issue of My-O-My, a gay erotic magazine from the late 60s early 70s, which was part of a legal scandal in 1972 in New Jersey (State vs. Shapiro) where police officers, without warrant, entered a bookstore owned by Edward Shapiro and Milton Nerenberg and seized various curiosa that were deemed obscene.

There are in total 32 pages that are scanned, printed on 1-yard of fabric, and turned into sculptures. Each sculpture represents a page.

This series is a way of tracing and abstracting the imagery of gay male archetypes in erotic and pornographic magazines. The shapes do not refer to anything specific, but are visual intermediaries to a culture that always changes. These are then transformed as queer objects that points you to many direction, rather than bound by gender and sexual preconditions.