My work primarily focuses on the concept of queer form. I use a variety of techniques to convey notions of phenomenology, affect, and “queer” as a process. This strategy is usually executed through three-dimensional, site-specific installation, and performative work as a way to see how the body resists or submits through materiality and technique vis-à-vis obsessive acts, strict parameters, and forms of discipline. I look at flickers of resistance through means of myths, scandal trials, obscenity laws, pornography, filmic tropes, love, and kinships. I kindle these moments through meticulous techniques and create abstract shapes that initially come from a corporeal form. Typically, these ideas are tackled through a large series to tease out its formal qualities with the context that repetition creates differences and asserts a constant change. When I look at the past, I squint and side-eye to obliquely look at how history is written and what are ways to see under the rug. I use craft and fiber techniques as a haptic approach to worldmaking, queer misalignments, and collapsing of boundaries.