Sep. 20, 2010



Dear Nick,

It has been about a month since I last saw you. Moving to New York and being thrown into the trenches of a fine arts graduate program is both exhilarating and daunting. IÕm doing this alone. I wish you were here. I wish you were beside me while I caress your big curls and smell your sweet armpits. I wish I could wake up with you while you sleep and keep the bed and the cats warm.

Thanks again for sending me your curly locks. I know, I know, itÕs for an art project. ItÕs supposed to be a conceptual piece, but the moment I opened the mail and touched your hair, I felt a little bit more at ease with the world and with this program. Every time I sit in the studio and fill the capsules with your hair I close my eyes and think of times when I ran my hands through them. Hey, remember the time when you started developing chest hair shaped like an eagle spreading its wings? I noticed it when we were taking a shower in our first apartment together. You didnÕt like the fact that I was pointing at it and laughing as I try to animate the eagle with soapsuds. ItÕs your fault for dating an artist.

Anyway, whatever body hair you trim and whatever head of hair you get buzzed, please mail them to me. Preferably in separate bags with time, date, and place. I still have lots of capsules to fill and moments of being alone in this city. Yes, there are plenty of boys here to fool with, but IÕm still in love with you.

Hopefully you can come over soon! Spring maybe? Tell your mom that I said hi and give her a big hug! Give the kitties a big belly rub too.
















































© Jade Yumang